Our chapter's Certified Members and Fellows:

  • Laurence Abramson, FHFMA

  • William M. Comer, Jr., FHFMA, CPA, CMPE

  • Kari S. Cornicelli, FHFMA, CPA

  • Mendy-Sue Drew, CPA, CHFP

  • Jack R. Duffy, FHFMA

  • Gene Fantano, FHFMA

  • John Garcia, FHFMA

  • Reid Hollyfield, FHFMA

  • Thomas S. Kumura, FHFMA

  • Susan May, CHFP, RHIA

  • Tim Nguyen, MHA, CHFP

  • James E. Onorato, FHFMA

  • Terry L. Schmidt, PhD., FAAMA

The certification committee has one main focus - to get you certified. Our motto is "Just do it," (take the test that is!)  Are you interested in becoming a certified member?  Check out the invaluable information on National's website.  https://www.hfma.org/certification/

Chapter contact:

Chair: John Garcia, FHFMA
Avadyne Health
Email: jgarcia@avadynehealth.com

Free Online Sample CHFP Certification Exam:

Region 11 Certification Training Webinars

Testing Dates:

(To be determined)

Additional testing dates and locations can be arranged.  Please contact your Certification Chair, John Garcia, to make arrangements.